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  • Open to Canadian residents only.
  • Open to parents of a child entering Elementary School – Grade 1 in 2019*
  • Participants must register by July 5th, 2019 to get your 2019 Edition Starter Kit
  • Limit of one registration per child. Multiple children can be added to family account.
  • Proof of school registration must be provided for each child. You will be able to send this proof later if you don’t have it right now.

* If your child is younger and will enter Elementary School – Grade 1 after 2019, we encourage you to proceed with your registration anyways; you will get notified by e-mail when the time comes to finalize the process.

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In order to receive your child’s starter kit for his/her first day at school, he/she must be enrolled in 1st grade of elementary school during 2019-2020’s school year. If your child is younger, we recommend you register him/her anyway, as you will get notified by email when he/she becomes eligible in the future. A proof that your child is enrolled in first (1st) grade of elementary school during 2019-2020’s school year must be submitted, such as a school supplies list, an email or a letter from school, etc.

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